A shift in perspective {Welcome 2013}

The last week or so has been a beautiful sabbatical. I’ve done so much lounging and eating that I’m currently feeling fat and stir-crazy. I think that is a good sign. Perhaps not of my self-control level, but more of the level of relaxation that has overtaken the Christmas holiday. Still, there will be a great reckoning to be paid this January 🙂

As most of us stretch, stumble from our beds, and perhaps watch a bit of the New Year’s Day parade, I’m struck by the incredible opportunity this new year ushers in. Not that January 1 is any different from December 31, but I am. I’m willing to make commitments today that I would have balked at yesterday. The significance of another year come and gone causes me to evaluate how I lived my yesterdays, my todays, and . . . now . . . my tomorrows.

My heart pauses in trepidation.

2012 was not kind. 

Yet, I beheld and was held by the Presence of God. Is there truly more that one could or should say about a particular year? Perhaps my natural inclination to shout, “Yes, there should be more!” simply signifies how much my heart is still grounded here on earth. That is to my shame. When Heaven is your home, you should simply be a sojourner here, a passer-by, a visitor. Yet, I want so much out of this life. I tend to get tunnel vision.

Perhaps then my goal (and maybe yours too) for 2013 should be a shift in focus. A heavenly slant. An attitude adjustment.

January 1 is a gift. Not anymore so than January 2, but a gift none the less. Should we not unwrap each gift, one by one? Savor each giver and each present? Marvel at the wrapping that each day comes in?

I think so. I think we should.

Later, I want to share with you how I’ve committed (in specific detail) to dedicate myself to creating a renewed physical and spiritual body this year. But for now, may I simply say “Enjoy.”


Be held.

In the gift of today. In the gift of 2013.

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