Let us start with a prayer

Heavenly Father,

You who crafted the delicate flower bud and spun the carpets of the skies. You who laid out the minutes of our days and planned the purposes of our hearts. We thank you.

For the beauty.

For the disorder.

For the pain that draws us closer to you.

For the sorrow that calls us to a higher Kingdom.

Create tapestries of honor with the stories of our lives. Weave Your grace into the bloodiness and messes that we live in. May the undeserved favor and love showered upon us resonate in the spirits of both those who know you and those who don’t.

May I be a living sacrifice.




Burnt on the altar of my own control and mistrust.

Please, come write Your Name over and over on my heart. May no idol or other false love be found to be stealing Your place. Do with my mind, my mouth, my body what You want in Your timing.

May I be found in the shelter of Your love.


At peace.



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