Texas. Here I come. And here I am.

Sweaters folders. Shoes wedged into crevices of jeans and power chargers. Suitcase weighed. Second suitcase filling. A late night shower followed by an early morning flight. Exit Saturday and enter Sunday.

De-iced airplane. Still air. Airport bookshop. Worship at the church where I was dedicated as an infant. Black bean soup. Evening football cuddled in a chair near my dad. Desserts. Sliced cheeses and apple. Cell phone conversation with my husband followed by not enough hours of sleep. Exit Sunday and enter Monday.

4:30 a.m. alarm clock. Hot shower. Cereal and hot tea. Hospital paperwork. Hospital rooms. Hospital tests. Hospital cafe. Shopping with my Mama. And it’s still Monday.

So, I give thanks…

{Saturday’s October Joy Dare…3 Gifts Redeemed}

A season of family relationships burdened by many things, but still a gift redeemed.

A diagnosis that doesn’t fit doctor’s textbook answers, but still a gift redeemed. 

A heart heavy with miracles yet answered, but still a gift redeemed. 

{Sunday’s October Joy Dare…A Gift Stirred, Baked, Eaten}

Crumbly, moist blueberry tart. Packaged from behind glass counter. Brick walls and festooning ribbons. Ooh la la Desserts at its finest.

{Monday’s October Joy Dare…3 Gifts Prayed For}

A heart un-broken.

A body un-scarred.

A love un-deserved. 

3 thoughts on “Texas. Here I come. And here I am.

Add yours

    1. Thank you so much! This journey would have looked completely different without the support that God has so blessed me with. You are wonderful!

      1. As are you. It is such a blessing and a privilege to see your dedication to the Lord and your trust in Him. It is also such an example to me and others for when we go through difficult times to remind us to lean on Him. You have always amazed me with your obedience. One time in particular that stands out to me was when your mother and I took all of you children to Bear Creek Park to picnic, play on the playground and see the animals. I said, let’s go see the animals to all of you. Your mom was probably at the picnic table nursing the baby, Gabriella. You had all been hanging out with me. I was already headed in the direction of the animals, and you said, “I have to ask my mom if it’s okay first.” I was so impressed. You were probably around six, maybe 7 at the time. Do you remember that day? You may not. We went there many times. Such wonderful memories of fellowship and friendship. I miss those days with you all so much. Then there was your courtship. Such an amazing story of purity and obedience. I am sure you are a light to your sisters as they watch your life. I am sure they will follow in your foot steps if not now, one day. I will certainly pray that they do. I know you are a blessing to your parents and that they are so proud of you, a jewel in their crown. Snuggle up in daddy’s lap while you’re there. That will be a nice memory to carry with you forever.

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