Crazy joy. {In pursuit.}

A deep breath of cool crispness. A sigh of cinnamon. A spoon of pumpkin chowder.

New beginnings from the ushering out of summer’s greens.

Whatever is so wrong with childlike giddiness? Whoever said leaves shouldn’t fly beneath the feet of the aged?

It’s a pursuit of crazy joy. In the writings of Ann Voskamp. In the sacred of the Holy Scriptures. In the warmth of a latte held closely.

As Voskamp writes in the Best Way to Begin October, “I’m crazy. Crazy enough to think that everyone who breathes is a wild crusader for holy joy.”

This weekend ushered in a season of mellow oranges, glowing reds, burning purples. A season for me of new beginnings. A season of holy joy.

Saturday – a day of simmering caramel, chopping apples, peeling pumpkins, slicing crusty bread. It was a culmination of my master’s degree and a celebration of completion. The closing of one door, so that God could open another in my heart.

Sunday – a beginning of prayers for miracles. My church nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is together praying and seeking God’s face for the entire month of October. As we meditate on the words of II Chronicles 7:14, we are collectively praying for miracles at 7:14 a.m. and p.m. each day. Thousands of people. Together. Humbling ourselves. Worshiping the Holy.

Monday – October 1. The first day in my 31-day pursuit of joy. Today we give thanks for 3 things Orange. And so I count. One by one. Give thanks. Color by color.

For oranges bloody and sweet.

For soups steaming and hot.

For all things beautiful and precious. Life at its purest.  

Join me. Pursue this crazy joy. Give thanks for completion. Celebrate a season of surrender. Believe in miracles.

For a full 31-day calendar of giving thanks, click here and then let me know the things you count, the things for which you give praise. Today three gifts orange. Tomorrow three gifts falling.

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