And the world looks curved

Deep azure created a dramatic backdrop for the light magenta and hazy lavender barely tinging the early morning clouds. Cresting a small hill, my jogging feet appeared to be running on a curve…a big curve. Mountain-outlines provided a compass point for a world rotating and spinning, trees breaking up the perfection of a path turned spherical. The allusions of dawn in Colorado. Beautiful.

This morning these dawn minutes offered me a precious gift – the gift of observing, nay participating in, an awakening creation. My insignificance magnified by the sheer greatness of the swirling colors and swaying foliage, I continued to move with the urge only available in the stillness of pre-alarm clock hours.

My awareness of my curving perspective grew as worship music played through my iPod. So much of my life is seen through this circular, spinning perspective. Ever changing. Imperfect. Transforming with the rising of the sun. Often an allusion. Slipping through my fingers. Swaying. Swirling.

I hunger for more. Deep yearning is taking root. Yet, my vision is blurred by a ground that curves and changes beneath my feet, reminding me how little I can actually control.

I can do little but jog on.

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