Untitled Day. {Some call it Monday.}

An interesting phenomenon occurs every week. Monday.

I have no scientific explanation for the lethargic zombie that seems to walk in my shoes and attempt to teach on Mondays. As one teacher in my building keeps posted on her door throughout the school year, “I am confusing myself with my own confusion.” Apt description for what occurs during Monday classes.

Today was no exception. First period class got off to a fabulous start as I struggled to make my classroom’s SMART technology cooperate. Near failure. The kids loved it, but I was less than amused by all the time wasted simply waiting for various screens to load. Why should I appear stupid while trying to employ the latest and greatest that technology has to offer?

Oh, that’s right. We are actually attempting to run software that overloads our ancient computers’ operating systems and memory capacities. Just turning on my computer takes over five minutes. But that’s a vent for a different post…

Anyway, back to Monday complaints…

Something about Monday seems to wring out students’ ability to organize themselves and their stuff, producing more chaos than usual. I barely even paused to notice the Ramen noodle pieces strewn about the hallway floor. Nor did the fact that dress code was being ignored…AGAIN…and on picture day, no less, bother me over much. However, after students copied their homework assignment into their agenda (“Add four dates/events from Lesson 2 to your timeline”), I did find myself slightly annoyed by the many questions along the lines of, “How many events, Mrs. Hasz?” and “Where in the book will I find the events?” REALLY? Didn’t you just write down that information? Oh, well.

Then there are the students who don’t think I notice the flying paper notes across the classroom or the fact that I can clearly see them talking to their neighbors. Shocked expressions meet my reminders to keep their comments and their poking/prodding/distracted fingers to themselves. Oh, and by the way, if you are going to draw pictures in class instead of taking notes, then it is probably best to NOT sit in the front row. Just a thought.

Over all, I am so grateful to now be seated in bed, a pile of ungraded papers staring at me from across the covers. Everything looks better at the end of a Monday – even nearly 100, unmarked reading study guides. I’ve got to admit Mondays lend spice to otherwise ordinary starts to regular school weeks. The confusion keeps me on my toes and make me eager for what is to come…


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