Eyes Swollen

Itchy. Watery. Puffy. Those are just a few of the adjectives floating around in my head right now. For the past several weeks, my eyes have been reacting to some unknown irritant on a fairly regular basis. I have even gone so far as to sleep with a cold, wet washcloth over my eyes in an attempt to soothe their anger. To no avail.

Oh, well. No big deal.

However, this morning as I read about John the Baptist and Jesus’ statement that new believers are greater than this incredible prophet, I wonder if most of us don’t walk around with our eyes swollen much of the time. Metaphorically, of course. I mean, I don’t feel that I often exhibit a spiritual walk that could rival John the Baptist, yet I could. I have access to the Holy Spirit in a way that most of my spiritual heroes did not. I have the makings of greatness. We have the ability to live in the supernatural. Yet, our spiritual eyes appear swollen and handicapped by our limited view of what the New Covenant salvation grants us.

How sad.

Today, my prayer is for eyes that truly see. Eyes that perceive what and where and how the Holy Spirit wants to move in and through me. Eyes that resist the irritants and open themselves wide for the goodness of God.

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