Just before my shower

I’m standing by the sink, surveying the dirty and drying dishes, while attempting to follow-up my breakfast with a cup of coffee. Ever since being sick for nearly five weeks, many of my commonly enjoyed foods/beverages sound anything BUT appealing – coffee is on that list. However, I know that I like coffee. Matter of fact, I LOVE coffee. So, I sit here pondering how to make myself enjoy it . . . one sip at a time.


I need a shower and a fresh outlook today. After spending most of the day yesterday on the couch, I expected to be more refreshed today. Alas, that was a faulty hope. I am weary to the core of my being without truly being able to explain why. Some would say that it is the result of the past years of full-time graduate work on top of full-time teaching. Some would say my exhaustion is a product of the months and months of emotional upheaval in my family. Some would say that I just push too hard.

They are all probably right.

Today, though, I want to put those feelings aside. In this uphill climb, I long to rest on a plateau. I’m in need of an adventure. I don’t know what type or where it will come from, but my spirit needs to rise from this place and sing. Laugh. Dance.

I’m off to the shower, and my coffee cup is finally drained. But, let me ask you this, “Are you on an adventure? How long has it been since you’ve truly enjoyed today…for today?”

The dishes will have to wait.

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