Finally Back . . . Maybe

It has been days and days since I have written. To be honest, it has been days and days since life has felt normal. I’m currently sitting on my own couch, but in a room unfamiliar to me, in a house unfamiliar to me, with sounds unfamiliar to me. Last week, we made the move from our own dear little townhouse to a wonderful new home that we are renting from David’s parents. For the next 2-3 years, this new address in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains will identify our place of rest, our place of refuge, our place of solace.

I have dreams for what will happen in the next 2-3 years at this address. I will graduate with my master’s this August. David will return to school this June full-time in pursuit of his petroleum engineering degree. He will then graduate and hopefully find a position that can support both of us.

I have other dreams. Dreams that have never died. Dreams that have only grown stronger. Dreams that make my lips smile. Dreams that make my heart cry. Dreams that send me to my knees.

Dreams like surprising David with a positive pregnancy test. Dreams like holding my own little girl, chasing my own little boy. Dreams like announcing to family, friends, and students who have been praying for just such a miracle that a baby is on its way.

Dreams like not feeling tired all of the time. Dreams like focusing on other’s needs versus the ones in my life that demand most of my time.

I’ve been given a new address to dream at, but not given a new theme. Perhaps, now is the time to watch God “make all things beautiful.” Perhaps, this is the place that dreams will become reality, within these new walls, with these new sounds, with this new window view.

Forgive me if I don’t write much for the next week or two. I’m trying to juggle grad school with teaching with moving with packing and unpacking and with cleaning.

Blessings to all!

I will leave you with some photos I took on Easter of the pear tree outside my townhouse’s front door. The smell and glory of the blooms are hard to rival in my beloved state of Colorado 🙂


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