In the chaos

Dear Father God,

As I read Hebrews 11, I read of the great men and women who have gone on before. They based their existences on promises not yet fulfilled, on faith not yet proven, and on Your character as a God who exists and cares enough to answer those who seek Him.

Today . . . this morning . . . please grant me the faith of a mustard seed. I doubt. I’m tired. I’m losing hope. Losing sight of the miracles. Sight of the promises.

Another year of healing not yet demonstrated in my physical body has passed. Another year of earnest prayers for a baby, for life inside all that has been called dead inside of me has transpired. You know my heart, know that I want to offer myself and my dreams as a living sacrifice to you. The road is rocky. The ascent is steep. Please help me, Jesus!

May I be found faithful. May I be found patient. May I be found a dreamer – always dreaming of the promises that You have assured me will one day come to pass. May I be found thankful.

Thankful that living and job situations for next year seem to be working out.

Thankful for a husband that is walking this road hand-in-hand with me.

Thankful for Bluebell ice cream and ridiculously dark chocolate squares.

I love You, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer. Please do the miraculous today.

*Photo Credit: From “Simply His” blog at

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