After a great storm, there follows a great calm. While the landscape may have become forlorn and desolate under the great winds and pounding rains, new life is fermenting in the ground. It’s making merry, waiting for just the right time to taste birth. Seeds of hope have been putting down roots for months. The last several weeks of pain and grief have beat upon the soil, but have not been able to touch the delicate shoots trembling in anticipation of the coming Spring. Watered by tears and tended by perseverance, the seeds are beginning to sing, and . . . I tremble. Anticipation builds. Listening. Faint whispers of promises form a refrain.

“I will turn your mourning into dancing.”

            “I will give you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.”

                         “Wait. Wait patiently on Me.”

                                        “I have called you My Beloved, My Precious Daughter.”

Trembling, I wait. Soft wind blows about my form, wrapping my hair around wounds beginning to heal. I stand embraced.

Listening now to After the Storm by Mumford & Sons and This is Not the End by Gungor…

*Pier image “After the Storm” from Zoe Life Magazine: Living the God Kind of Life

*Seedling image from Access Partners

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