Need I Say More?

I’ve spent the last five years of birthdays at least 16 hours away from many of the people who make birthdays worth experiencing.

Banners strung across the stair railings . . .

“Wake-up” call to the tune of “Happy Birthday” and the feeling of six people all piling into one bed to celebrate . . .

Brownies and ice cream for breakfast . . .

Card after card filled of words that both make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes . . .

Needless to say, during my childhood, my family celebrated birthdays for several weeks. They were long, drawn-out, dreamy occasions, making up for the fact that we didn’t give gifts on Christmas, eggs on Easter, or candy on Halloween.

This year, however, my husband has outdone himself to bring “festive” to our home. Birthdays just bring out the “kid” in me, as well as my desire to revel in cake, coffee and a cacophony of presents. Not only is he indulging my girly whims, but also catering to my grown-up desires.

Venti Starbucks Cafe Americano on the way to work, starlight still barely illuminating the pre-dawn roadways . . .

Love letter and flowers at the end of the work day . . .

Waffles, ice cream and candles with the family living nearby . . .

I am so in love with him. So incredibly in love.

And, I couldn’t help myself . . . the same breath that blew out my “24” candles on warm waffle also wished for a baby this year . . . dreams do sometimes come true 🙂

Leave me a reply and let me know some of the ways that you celebrate, feel loved, dare to dream. May your January be filled with as much delight as mine promises to be. Remember, no matter what our desires for the future are, we are only given today – one day at a time, one breath at a time – to fully live in, to fully taste, to fully experience.

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    1. Amen! Hey . . . I wanted you to know that I have started another blog anonymously that will be solely devoted to the journey through infertility. It is I have found that I need a place where I have more ability to share and express everything that is going on. I pray that I will be able to bless others going through the same thing.

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