Living on the edge

“If you are not living on the edge, then you are taking up too much space.

~Ugandan saying

Once again, I found myself reading through an old  prayer journal this morning and found this quote. I believe it’s been a while since I’ve seen the “edge,” but that doesn’t mean that I am not going to walk forward – sometimes tiptoeing and sometimes running – toward the brink of the unknown this year, fully expecting that God will make a way when there seems to be no way. This year, I am letting go.

Me . . .

Letting . . .

Go . . .

Not holding on to my fears . . .

Unshackled by my doubts and frustrations . . .

Wrestling through anger to glimpse and grasp love . . .

Falling into the embrace of my Savior . . .

Letting God be God . . .

What cliff are you drawing near to, but hesitant to stand on the edge of and stare at the crash at the chasm below? What holds you back from the vulnerability of adventure, the vulnerability of losing control? What passions have you lost in the mire of this life?

I dare you to find it, choose it, run towards it, see it.

For many years, I kept a 3×5 note card near my desk with this quote on it: “We have a humanity that is too precious in the sight of God to neglect; we know a remedy for the ills of the world that is too wonderful to hide; we have an adventure that is too thrilling to miss.” (Reverend George P. Howard from Before We Kill and Eat You) I’m not quite sure when that anthem no longer echoed the cry of my heart, but I know that living life fully this year is going to require much more than I have offered in the past. It is going to require faith. It is going to require trust. It is going to require prayer and praise. Simple surrender is needed if I am going to step forward and dance on the brink of all that this adventure of life has to offer.

When did you dance last? Really shake loose and let your hair down? Did something without weighing the consequences? Trusted with childlike adoration?

Peter Kuzmic said, “Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future. Faith is having the courage to dance to it today.”

If that is true, then what is holding us back? Let’s shake loose and dance this year. Dance on the edge of a miracle. Dance with passion. Dance like our lives depended upon it. I think mine just might. It’s the process of discovering . . . those wings that we thought were permanently bent and broken just might be made whole and strong again. Remember, He makes all things new.

Unbroken wings discovered . . .

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