Preparations of the heart

Our God comes with power to save us. Each of us can name what it is we long to be saved from. Today, let’s imagine ourselves freer. Throughout the day, let’s picture new ways of responding to challenging relationships, habitual sins, and other ruts we are in. As we envision our freedom we experience how much our God desires to save us.”

~Daily Meditation, Creighton University Online Ministries, Second Week of Advent, Tuesday

“Almighty God, I hear it over and over: you are coming to me.

I feel my heart stir in anticipation, and I sense that you are inviting me to enter more deeply into the mystery of your birth.

Help me to feel renewed patience settle in my heart, and to lift my face in joy.

I have been like a lost lamb, but I hear your voice calling me and I feel how deeply you want me to return. Somehow I know that you rejoice in my desire to find you.

Help me not to be afraid to say out loud, to believe: Here is God, coming into my life.”

~Closing Prayer, Creighton University Online Ministries, Second Week of Advent, Tuesday 


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    1. I’m learning a lot about the wonder of Advent even during hard times in my life. The awe of celebrating the birth of God With Us means more than any trial blinding my view.

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