Between Denver and Dakar, Day 10

Dear David,

End of a long day . . . I’m sure yours have felt even longer. Although I have only received a couple of emails from you, I treasure the knowledge that you are okay. No news is good news.

After almost missing my flight this morning due to an alarm clock malfunction, I had 15 minutes to pack and get ready. Arriving at the Charlotte airport with no makeup and wet hair, I felt like apologizing: “I’m so sorry. I really am the girl in the driver’s license photo. Yes, I did at least brush my teeth this morning.” Apparently flip flops and wet curls must give off the terrorist alert, because I was chosen for extra scanning by TSA going and coming this year.

Yet, my exhaustion did not dim the breathtaking view outside my airplane window. I gasped in awe as a pink sunrise floated underneath the plane’s belly. Absolutely magnificent. I’d wondered what dawn looked like from above. Now I know. Exquisite.

Soon, you will be faced with another African sunrise. I pray that you are sleeping well, lulled to rest by the knowledge of our Savior’s Presence and the abiding Peace of leaning always on Him.

I love you so much. Sleep well. Work well. Come home well.

Yours Crazy Girl,


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