Between Denver and Dakar, Day 6

Dear David,

Six days have already begun to weigh heavy on my heart. On this day of Thanksgiving, this day of celebration, I miss you sharing in the magic of what has been. After sleeping about four hours in the last forty, my fingers can barely type the words I so desperately want to share with you. But, it has been a day of enchantment . . . I saw Magic Kingdom in Orlando for the first time, spun in wild circles in giant tea cups, flew over twinkling city lights with Peter Pan, snapped more photos of dreamland than one ought.

A hastily thrown together Thanksgiving meal of chicken rounded out the evening, and I am now sitting on the porch listening to the tinkling fountain splash against the pool water. I pray for you. I pray that this Thanksgiving Day brought more confirmation of the Holy Spirit’s presence in these weeks of mission. I pray that dehydration issues have subsided, and that all are physically doing well. Tomorrow, many in the team embark on an adventure out in to the bush of Senegal to lead evangelism campaigns, conduct medical outreaches, perform skits, and show the Jesus Film. Grueling does not even begin to describe the living conditions and taxing schedule ahead. May the Cloud of God’s Presence cover you by day, and the Fire of His Glory surround you by night.

I love you so much. More than ever. One week from today, I will run to greet you in the Denver airport.

Your Loved Crazy Girl,


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