Waving the white flag of surrender

I caught myself about to write “Eat Chocolate” on my to-do list today just so I could cross off something that I was sure to accomplish. Instead, I’ve opted to consume large amounts of Craisin Walnut Bread, Pumpkin Pie, and Vanilla Ice Cream tonight. The idea of exercising quickly fell by the wayside as I nearly fell asleep on my chiropractor’s adjustment table, and I felt compelled to make up for my negligence by consuming large amounts of frivolous calories. Why do those two situations always seem to walk hand-in-hand?

Oh, well. I also seriously considered leaving the field of education today. My Texas drawl ran rampant today, as “Honey” and “Sweetie” became Southern code words for “Really?” and “Shut up, PLEASE!” You know it is bad when you agree to allow students to play “Ninja” in exchange for a few moments of peace and quiet. “We don’t bargain with terrorists” became a useless catchphrase in my classroom. Needless to say, I flew the white flag of surrender at full staff.

When it rains, it usually pours. Cats and dogs came howling through my heart with gale force winds as chaos escalated in my classroom. Cuddled in sweats, I’ve got some reckoning to do with the Lord before I can sleep in peace tonight. I’m way behind in my hallelujahs – broken though they may be. It is funny that on a day like today I can crave a baby so desperately when common sense should tell me to run far, far away from parenthood. Life is full of those pathetic ironies, though, and I’m none too proud of the strength they gained in my spirit today.

They say that laughter is good medicine. If that is true, then I hope you take a hefty dose tonight. To that end, enjoy this sketch that I copied from a friend’s Facebook page (Posted by “I Love to Laugh”). Puts in perspective that things could always get worse 🙂

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  1. Lauren, thank you for sharing every piece of your heart. I love that we had talked about this earlier in the day and had a good laugh a former precious student sat on the other end of the phone laughing with us. You are so wonderful and your heart is so transparent. I love being real with you and if nothing else comes out of this crazy week, know that I love you and on the other side of the wall, I am crying, laughing and praying with you…all the way to the end my love.

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