Standing in night

“It’s okay, Mama. Everything is going to be all right,” I assured my mother, cell phone to ear, feet tracing a familiar pattern around the pond. Mama finished her dishes, while I told her about everything she already knew. Mamas are like that. As I talked, the steady cadence of crickets accompanied me, and I could not help but marvel at the glow of moonlight bathing every step. The world was dark, yet awash with light. I could see, though I was standing in night.


It hangs in the sky

a silent witness to glory –

Ethereal and steadfast,

a radiant globe of goodness.

Pale moonlight illuminates

the blowing rushes in pond.

Reflections distorted but shimmering

through shadowing night clouds.

I stand in awe

of the portrayal of truth.

Wind-wrapped arms

wrap my body in shivers.

I see Him here too

in the calm and the glow.

I’ve seen Him in shadow,

seen Him in storm.

Reflections of goodness

breathe in and breathe out –

Distorted but shimmering,

I wait for the dawn.

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