Clasped between laced fingers

Irresistible lilies clasped

between laced fingers.

Intertwined stems arranged, gripped

The bride plucks at the petals

of the innocent blooms

and trembles in satin slippers.

This is her day, her dream.

Standing in the church’s almost-empty foyer,

she grins beneath her beaded veil.


Her sister squeezes her hand,

whispering bits of nothing

and pieces of everything in her ear.


“Do you remember when we played ‘House’

and you were the bride, and I was the groom?

We always lived happily every after.”

Tick, tick, tick –

Time scatters; the procession begins.

Mendelssohn’s march playing, the bride enters.

Guests expectant, rising,

fasten their attention on the tiara-crowned form,

notice the velvet lilies.

She gazes at the crowd of faces,

making eye contact with her college roommate,

smiling at her misbehaving eight-year-old cousin.


Her dad is walking down the aisle too fast.

Slow down . . . slow down . . .

She wants to remember every moment. 


The pastor narrates Act 1, Scene 1.

“Who gives this woman to this man?”

The groom holds his breath.

“Daddy, what are you thinking?

Is Mama crying?

Do you remember holding me for the first time,

caressing me like I was a delicate flower

about to blow away?”


Dad releases her, tears

rolling down his face. Smiling,

he feels bereaved.

His baby has left him.

His irresistible lily

clasped between laced fingers.

                              ~”I Do” by Lauren Hasz, April 25, 2008~

It’s hard to believe that day was almost five years ago. My wedding day dawned 60 degrees and sunny, December 29, 2006, in Louisville, Kentucky. I was a mere 18. David a mature 20. His grandparents fittingly told us that we would “raise each other.” Bits of memories play before my eyes . . .

Adjusting my filmy veil. Glancing away from my daddy, so my mascara didn’t run in rivulets down my face. The Bridal March. Slow. Ever so slowly. Venturing down the aisle. Seeking David’s chocolate eyes through the smiles of friends and family. Christmas lights wound around festive garlands. White lilies. Two rings. One AMAZING kiss.

However, with our anniversary coming up, we are still trying to find the “perfect” place to celebrate five years. Although we had a planned location, surprising Christmas season rates prevented us from booking. I imagine a modern bed and breakfast with delicious, gourmet meals . . . a sleigh ride . . . white lilies . . . 🙂

We would like to stay in Colorado and would love some suggestions from locals! Where do you go to celebrate momentous occasions? What restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops do you return to time and time again to reminiscence and dream? All suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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