Father God,

In You, we are all complete and find our victory, hope, and salvation in Your Love (Colossians 2). As a daughter of the King, I am not lacking in anything. Oh, may I abide in that rest and peace today!

Last night, I finally broke down, realizing that I can’t carry my burden of infertility alone. I’m not strong enough, and I can’t change the situation by allowing my life to revolve around my unrequited desire for children. You are the God that creates life. At any point, You can do so in me no matter what doctors ever say.

Until then, as my husband reminded me, I need to LIVE. Live for the goodness of today. Live for the relationships in my life right now. Life for the husband that You have given me. Live for the children and people around the world who are needy and hungry. Live for my students. Live for myself.

Although I have abided in this peace in the past, the last couple of weeks have been a hailstorm of attack. I’ve been bruised over and over again. No more. Enough is enough. For today, I want to rest in You and in Your love, Daddy. I need You to hold me, comfort me, fill me with renewed passion for life. I know that I will be in this place again and need to once again lay my desires down on Your altar. Hold me up, as I place my trust in You. I worship You.

Love, Lauren

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