The Patchwork of Dawn

This is a poem that the Lord gave me last year, as I found Him again during a time of emotional healing. More to follow on that story later, but for now . . .

 Morning unfurls her tendrils

at Your command.

Wind ruffles tinkling birch leaves

at Your beck and call.

Laughing. Dancing. Rejoicing.


Cream-colored bark peels away,

shyly revealing tender newness.

Dawn shadows create patchwork

designs down the long, grassy hill.


Lake waters reflect like glass

Your patterns of majesty.

Smoothness . . . stillness . . . defying

the past night’s tempest.


All is calm. All is right.

Right now. Right here.

In this moment.

Heaven opens her windows.

And, I am part

of the precious rightness.

With eyes closed,

I glimpse eternity.


I am still. I am calm.

Right here. Right now.

In this moment.

My spirit takes faltering flight.


Tendrils of pain peel away,

making way for transparent beauty.

Your goodness casts patchwork shadows

across the chaos of my life.

Expecting majesty

in the aftermath of the storm,

I dive deep beneath

the lake’s cleansing surface.

Laughing. Dancing. Rejoicing.

Dawn is here. 

2 thoughts on “The Patchwork of Dawn

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  1. exquisite.
    reminds me of a poem that was given to me when I was in the middle of the darkest part of my journey. a girl I had once mentored wrote it for me. I’ve had it posted on my fridge ever since. Put this up where you can see it daily!

    Tendrils of pain peel away,

    making way for transparent beauty.

    Amen and Amen!

    1. I have found that at my lowest points, God has spoken to me in poetry. I don’t usually even edit much. I just pick up a pencil and start writing. It is His words, not mine that seep into my poems. Thank you for your encouragement.

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