I Survived Parent/Teacher Conferences

Sipping decaf Donut House coffee out of a large, comforting mug, I am recounting some of the highlights of my parent/teacher conference experience with my family. They chuckle as they picture my description of me marching around the conference rooms, stretching out my “gluteus maximus.”

“I just don’t care what image I portray anymore,” I admit. “I do teach 13-year-olds after all.”

Funny moments of the day included watching parents cut each other off in line to talk to one teacher or another, being offered a job teaching at another school (I didn’t give a final answer), and ribbing a new sixth grade teacher about all the 11-year-olds who have crushes on him this year. Apparently he receives a steady stream of notes and baked goodies each morning 🙂 It is for a very similar reason that I keep a framed photo of David and I kissing near my desk.

Overall, today was an incredibly encouraging day, albeit tedious. I am in awe of all the sacrificial parents that I had the honor of speaking with today. They love their children in a way that I can only imagine at this point in my life. It is such a pleasure to support them, as they seek to prepare their kids for the world outside Faith Christian Academy. Teachers may dedicate hours of their years to their students, but parents are the real champions. They are there day in and day out . . . loving, praying, disciplining, rewarding, hugging, comforting, enforcing, instructing. Even if it did cost me a sore tush, they make me proud to say, “I Survived Parent/Teacher Conferences.”

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